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Mitzvah Inspire: Creative Place Cards

Mitzvah Inspire: Creative Place Cards

We have found some of the most interesting and fun place card ideas as inspiration. 

There are so many ways to get creative in showing your guests where they are seated.

The place cards to the left are from Event planner Mindy Weiss who incorporated place cards within team sweat bands.

bat mitzvah place cards, escort table, Extraordinary Productions

Chanel theme escort card display by Extraordinary Productions

From Balloon Artistry, Pez dispensers were attached to place cards showing guests where they were seated

Creative Events Charlotte incorporated flashlights for a camp theme

Why not take the digital route like they did at this Bar Mitzvah from LuxeFinds that we found on

 For the Haber Bar Mitzvah, party planner Dayna Platnick hand painted each silk leaf and attached them to the trees

From Simon Elliot Events, this is a place card puzzle. As each piece is pulled off, another picture of the Bar Mitzvah boy is revealed underneath

One of a Kind Party Design used high heel shoes to display the table numbers and seating arrangements

Evie Steinberg of Be Our Guest cleverly created place cards with the guests of honor holding a sign for the place seating

From The Balloon People, this Bat Mitzvah girl was an aspiring model so they picked specific photos of supermodels and then did a photo shoot with May Photography in all different outfits and poses to match the photos. Those shots were then photoshopped with the model so it looked like she and the model were posing together

Pat and Glenn Productions
hung place cards on purple beads

The Prop Factory created a large board for this golf themed Bar Mitzvah

With the Bar Mitzvah boy known to be a whiz, Rubik cubes held the place cards welcoming guests for a Hanukah themed Bar Mitzvah from Bluming Creativity

 Fabu Designs created these place cards fashioned after a folded menu for Emily’s Eatery Bat Mitzvah

Tantawan Bloom created a dramatic place card wall for a Bat Mitzvah with a flower holding each name

SRO Events created a baseball motiff and the guests picked up their place cards which were inserted into the fence

For a fashion themed Bat Mitzvah, spools of different colors held the place cards from Max Aureli Photography

From Bob Gail Events, the place cards were attached to the masks so all the guests could participate in the Carnivale spirit

For a Bruce Springsteen theme, each guests’ place card was an over-sized guitar pick with the corresponding album cover from The Party Events Girl

Boxes of custom M&M’s were used ironically by M&M The Special Event Company for this Chicago Bat Mitzvah. Notice the boxes feature the Bat Mitzvah girl’s initials “MrM”

Did you have unique place cards for your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah? Let us know at [email protected].


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