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Another Clever Invitation

Another Clever Invitation

Our readers have loved our Inviting Invitation story and Can’t Forget Invitations.

Recently we shared with all of you the clever “Jack In The Box” invitation that founder Sheri Lapidus received.

This wasn’t the first clever invitation the Matilsky family sent out! Below is their son Max’s “View Finder” invitation from 2011.


This box arrives, Live The Dream, January 8, 2011

Inside was another box

The View Finder was sitting on a baseball diamond

The information about the party and the RSVP were on the cards above. When you view the slide show in the view finder, there’s info about the service and party plus photos of Max at various ages

Did your child have a clever and unique Bar/Bat Mitzvah invitation that you would like to share with our readers? Let us know at [email protected].

To see a View Finder invitation from Proper Notice, click here.

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