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Newest Photo Favor: Stick-a-Pic

Newest Photo Favor: Stick-a-Pic


We wanted to let you know about a new take on photo favors from Simon Elliot Events!

We’ve all attended Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations with green screen photo favors. The frames are cute, but how many can you display before running out of room?

Simon Elliot Events is taking photo favors to a whole new level, literally!


Stick-a-Pic™ frames are die-cut removable adhesive frames that you can stick on your wall, locker, fridge, or just about any flat surface.

Simon Elliot Events: Stick-A-Pic
When you’re ready to take them down or move them, they peel right off without ruining paint or leaving a residue. With wall graphics such as Fatheads becoming extremely popular in recent years, give your guests the opportunity to have their own custom wall graphic with Stick-a-Pic™

Simon Elliot Events Stick-A-Pic

Create an interesting collage on your bedroom wall without damaging the surface

Your guests will pose for a photo in front of a green screen where they will have a choice of over 100 backgrounds, or you can create a custom vinyl backdrop to match the theme of your affair. They will then choose a Stick-a-Pic™ frame to compliment their photo.

Stick-a-Pic™ vinyl frames come in a variety of categories including antique frames, sports, places, fun frames, and much more. Their design team can also create one or more custom Stick-a-Pic™ frames for your affair to add an extra element of customization.

To learn more, visit the extended profile page for Simon Elliot Events in our Vendor Directory.

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