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The Paparazzi Bar/Bat Mitzvah Show

The Paparazzi Bar/Bat Mitzvah Show

If you like reality shows, you need to hear about this new idea, My Paparazzi Event from Jamye Perelli Photography in Texas.



We spoke with Dino Perilli from Jamye Perilli Photography to learn more.

MM: Please describe what The Paparazzi Bar/Bat Mitzvah Show is?
This is a new video product presented by Dino & Jamye Perelli with Jamye Perelli Photography.

Learn more by watching this video here.

The Paparazzi Bar/Bat Mitvah Show is THE hottest new way to capture your Mitzvah event. We send you a package with anywhere from 5 to 20 video cameras. You choose a “Director” (guest) who will hand them out to your “Paparazzi Team Members,” and let them have fun and be creative shooting your event, doing interviews, etc!

Paparazzi Event

Then you simply put all the cameras into a pre paid overnight bag, and we take all that raw footage and our professional editing staff will turn it into a fun, exciting, 1/2 hour Reality TV Show called, “The Paparazzi Bar/Bat Mitzvah Show” made just for you! The content of your show is totally up to you! Be as creative as you’d like! Play it loose, or actually come up with a script for your show. Remember, it’s all about your family!

MM: Please explain how this would work?
: Our primary staff has been in the photo and video business for over 14 years and we have found this to be a great way to preserve your special memories while having some great fun at the same time! We edit everything with Final Cut Pro to produce professional looking results. Even though the people shooting the video are not professionals, our system provides so much raw footage that our editors rarely have any problems with not having enough usable footage. In fact, there are usually calls an editor has to make as to what to prioritize, often leaving a lot of still good footage on the cutting room floor. This is why we include all your raw footage on an external USB hard drive, so you can view everything that was shot, at your convenience.

Paparazzi Event

We also provide you “full use rights,” so you can send clips to friends or put them on the internet. We will also put your finished show up on YouTube for all the world to watch (unless you choose privacy settings, in which case only you and people you send the link to can view it.)

MM: Should a My Paparazzi Event package replace a professional videographer?
Although this concept could replace a videographer, we never recommend using our service exclusively (since we can not be there to know what is being shot and therefore have no control over that part of the process). Our cameras also do not shoot still photography, only video. We like to think of our service as a unique, fun, add on to your traditional Mitzvah coverage.

MM: How should you go about selecting shooters?
Choose beforehand which guests will be responsible for your cameras (your “Director”). Because our cameras are so user friendly, virtually anybody can operate them, and people will find it quite fun, but these cameras are expensive recording equipment and ultimately (as with any rental product) you are responsible for any loss or damage.

Paparazzi Event

Choose “shooters” who are not likely to drop, misplace, or mishandle the cameras. Choose people who would probably have their own cameras there to shoot anyway. The more “into it” your shooters are, the better your results will likely be!

MM: I’m guessing adults are better choices than the kids?
Not necessarily! These days young people are very dialed in to the new technology and as long as they are old enough to treat the equipment like they would say, their cell phones, age shouldn’t be a problem. After all, kids relate best to kids.

Paparazzi Event

We suggest maybe choosing an adult to handle the “Director” responsibilities of handing out and collecting the cameras and steering “Team Members” toward who and what to shoot for best results.

MM: Do your guests feel like hired help for the night?
On the contrary, our initial testing has shown that many guests are in fact “eager” to be a part of the production. They like playing camera person and interviewer! You can also assign more shooters than cameras so that if someone gets tired of shooting they can pass off their camera to a new team member.

MM:. How much footage do you need from a 5 hour party to make a successful 1/2 hour show?
Each camera is pre-loaded to capture up to two hours of high definition video. That equals 10 hours of raw footage from each set of five cameras. As long as someone doesn’t turn on the camera and stick it in their pocket, that is more than enough footage to fill a ½ hour Reality Show format. With larger packages, you can even use table top stands (provided) and set some cameras up to run constantly for two hours while encouraging guests to “say a few words” into the camera. Also, in case overzealous team members use up all their time too quickly, you can have extra cameras ready. You will also have the equipment for three days, so having extra cameras for additional things to shoot is recommended.

Paparazzi Event

MM: Do the shooters need special instructions?
: If every “Director” and “Team Member” reads the “Tips & Tricks” guide on our Website (and enclosed with their package), and follows the simple directions, there is no reason why you can’t produce a wonderful show filled with great and exciting memories of your Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration!

For more information on this new concept, please visit their Website.

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Dino has generously offered to raffle off one prize package to our Mitzvah Market readers!

Prize Package Includes:


* 10 Cameras shipped pre-paid overnight in both directions
* 10 Cameras pre-loaded with memory cards and batteries
* Up to 2 hours recording time per camera
* Easy to follow instructions
* Handy “Tips & Tricks” guide for pro results
* 30 Minute, fully edited, “My Paparazzi Bar?Bat Mitzvah Show” DVD,
includes music, titles, special effects, and 3D transitions
* External USB hard drive with ALL your raw footage
* Your show loaded up to YouTube.com

10 Camcorder package………………..Valued at $1,350

Note: A credit card will be needed on file, in case cameras are missing or damaged when sent back.



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