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The Candle Lighting Puzzle

The Candle Lighting Puzzle

The ladies from It Could Be Verse (Warm, Witty, Wonderful Poems) are sharing a clever candle lighting idea!

It’s a picture puzzle of your Bar/Bat Mitzvah child that is used during your candle lighting ceremony.


The first step is to take a unique picture of your child doing something they love or in their sports gear. Then It Could Be Verse blows up the photo, mounts it and cuts it into 13 pieces (or as many as you need for your candles).

It Could Be Verse puzzle

As the honorees are called up, each one uses a puzzle piece to make the child “whole”

It Could Be Verse Candle lighting puzzle

As the child reads his or her poems for each honoree, the person (people) come up and place the piece on the puzzle instead of lighting a candle. It works exactly the same way.

Many families opt to do both – light a candle and place a puzzle piece.

Here is an example of what the child might say:

“I’m doing something different and in a while you will see,
How all the people I’m honoring today, complete and make me… me!”

The final piece (which is usually part of the face) is placed by the parents.

For more information, visit It Could Be Verse.



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