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Come Catch the Crispery Craze

Come Catch the Crispery Craze

It’s hard for us to even write about this without drooling but here goes….

The Crispery was founded by Long Island mom Vicky Mate and it all started with her passion for marshmallows!

Unique designs, flavors and delicate packaging makes this bakery unique. Her flavors include chocolate caramel and marshmallow, crispy s’mores, chocolate dipper crispy and peanut butter just to name a few.

We have delicious looking pictures below:


This one is topped with chocolate!

chocolate dipped crispery

How about chocolate dipped?


The sampler is perfect as a favor

While there is a retail store in Roslyn, New York, the Crispery offers all it’s products online. Everything is handmade and made fresh daily. Whether you spell it Rice Krispie, Rice Crispie or Crispies Bar, as long as you get them from the Crispery,  you can be sure they will be delicious.

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