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Green With Envy

Green With Envy

Last week we wrote about MM reader Kirsten’s question on “green” vendors. She asked, “I am planning a GREEN Bat Mitzvah for May 2010 and I would like to know about vendors selling plates, cups, forks, napkins made from recycled paper, etc.”

We want to thank Kirsten again for asking such a great question, and for all of the responses that we received! We know that Kirsten’s idea for “going green” when planning an event is not only “on-trend” but is smart! The idea to have an environmentally-friendly affair helps the planet in the short-term and sets an example for our kids that will help the planet for years to come!

Here are a few of the responses we received. We hope these sites will help you in your Mitzvah planning, too! – The URL says it all! And the site’s owner, Carole Soss, explains the site’s premise perfectly on the site: “GreenPartyGoods knows that parents and other celebrators, given the convenience of shopping for eco friendly products that are stylish and sensible, will embrace this option. All of GreenPartyGoods’ products meet at least one of these criteria: recycled, re-useable, biodegradable, sustainable, or organic.” – Leslie Price of In Any Event, who recently wrote a fabulous two-part column for us on alternatives to candlelighting, sent us a great tip on eco-friendly vendors. Here’s what she wrote: “Bamboo is an environmentally friendly alternative although not necessarily a cost savings when compared with renting China and flatware. carries the entire Bambu line of plates and cutlery exclusively.  They’re good looking, durable and sure to be a conversation starter.”

MM Vendors – We also have a few MM Vendors in our Unique Vendor Directory who offer wonderful eco-friendly services and products. If you do not live in the area that these Vendors service, email us and we can help find a comparable vendor in your neck of the woods!

Make It Snappy! is a favor vendor who offers “can art” which allows cans to be repurposed in an eye-catching way! Check out their extended Vendor Directory profile page and Vendor Video Series.

Mitzvah Artistree offers beautiful invitations created with eco-friendly materials. The company has also teamed up with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant a tree for every Bar and Bat Mitzvah invitation order received to offset their carbon footprint. Check out their extended Vendor Directory profile page.

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