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10 Ways Bar/Bat Mitzvahs Have Gone Hi Tech!

10 Ways Bar/Bat Mitzvahs Have Gone Hi Tech!


Readers loved seeing our Mitzvah Family Spotlight from a party in 1979. It is a great example of how much things have changed when it comes to how we celebrate a child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

There have been many advances over the past decade in the world of technology and we are starting to see how these are now influencing the event industry and our celebrations.


Here are some examples of how our parties have gone hi-tech!

1. Kids can now be tutored online using Skype, ichat and can learn torah portions and prayers with apps.

Barzilay Michael Marcus tutor
Michael Marcus tutors children around the country using iChat and/or Skype to prepare them for the ceremony that he officiates

Oliner Graphics
Oliner Graphics app for $1.99 teaches children three simple blessings that are broken down into a line-by-line format with audio and visuals in Hebrew, English and a transliteration

2. Many are using Websites like Paperlesspost.com to send invites or creating Websites giving guests a URL to visit.

Paperless Post

With PaperLessPost.com guests receive the above invitation via their email

Simon Elliot Website Invite

Simon Elliot Events creates Websites to match your party’s theme

3. Many people are creating their own albums due to the many easy to use online photo services like Kodak Gallery, Shutter Fly, Blurb.com and Apple.

Blurb.com album

This 48 page coffee table book was created on Blurb.com for $110.00

4. Entertainment companies are giving kids what they want: Facebook stations, Angry Birds games etc.

Creative Games - Facebook photo setup
Facebook station from Creative Games


A Digital Graffiti Wall from Interactive Entertainment Concepts allows your guests to “paint” on pictures.  Instead of real paint, when they press the cap, the can sprays infra red light, which is tracked by a computer as it moves across the screen

5. Favors are starting to have QR Codes so guests can get a special message or be sent to a Website with photos after the party.

Coolest Giveaway

From thecoolestgiveaways.com, a QR Code is used on a T-shirt and led guests to a party Website

ImageMaker Hi Tech
This T-shirt favor is from A Promos USA/ImageMaker. When guests click on the QR code on the sleeve, they are led to a special designated web page on the A Promos USA Website which would feature a thank you note from the Bar/Bat Mitzvah child

7. Young guests can text messages during a party that appear on the DJ’s screen wishing the guest of honor a Mazel Tov.

Babbush texting

Entertainment Tonite can provide a phone number where guests can text messages to the guest of honor

8. The iSign, from Simon Elliot Events is a digital way to have guests sign-in and leave special messages for guests.


The iSign can be customized for your child’s theme

Lapidus sign in

After your event, your child will receive a book filled with their friends messages

8. Savvy computer literate families are creating their own montages – usually the child can edit right on their Mac computer.

Mac iMovie

9. Kids are raising lots of money with their Mitzvah Projects due to social media.

Crowdrise logo

Crowdrise allows users to create their own fundraising pages for free and get friends, family and other Crowdrise participants to sponsor their volunteer projects

10. Gift giving for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah child got easier with sites like DepositAGift.com:


At DepositAGift.com, they help you create a personalized cash registry for your child, so you can politely ask guests to give cash for things your child really wants or needs

Did your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration go hi tech? Let us know at [email protected].


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