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Mitzvah Inspire: Ideas When Celebrating For More Than One!

Mitzvah Inspire: Ideas When Celebrating For More Than One!

Many families are having one service and one celebration for their twins or siblings close in age.

What to do when it comes to planning for two?  Whether it’s twins, sisters, brothers or one of each, many are holding double simchas!

We have gathered many great ideas from a variety of Mitzvah vendors who have come up with clever ways to make each child feel special.




It might be daunting to figure out how to put two names on an invitation in a creative way. We hope the examples below will give you some inspiration!



Mitzvah Inspire This Way to the B'nai Amy Zaroff

Real Card Studio gives each child has their own invitation side by side with a center pocket for all the related details. Yellow and silver is a great gender-neutral color combination for a B’nai Mitzvah

Proper Notice: Bnai Mitzvah

Proper Notice created a beautiful invitation for a boy and girl

MItzvah Inspire: Bnai Mitzvah Proper Notice
Also from Proper Notice, a two sided invite

Bnai Mitzvah: Write Next Door

Also a great color combination for a boy and girl from Write Next Door

Bnai Mitzvah: Write Next Door
Write Next Door
also created this “circus” theme invite for a brother/sister



Stamp - Mitzvah Style



It’s hard enough to find one Mitzvah outfit, but when there’s two, it can be even more difficult. Check out how these twosomes coordinated below!


Weilheimer style

The Weilheimer Family wore beautiful coordinating custom dresses from Diane & Co.


Mitzvah Inspire This Way to the B'nai Karen Ard
From Karen Ard Photography, here’s a Bnai Mitzvah for first cousins

Bnai Mitzvah: DJE Events
These sisters wore coordinating dresses from 2 Be Seen for their celebration coordinated by DJS Events


Mitzvah Inspire This Way to the B'nai decor Lucky 13
From photographer Wendy Robinson, these twins are celebrating “Lucky 13” with different shirts and ties





Here are some ideas for letting your guests know where to sit!




Krantz placecards

The Krantz Family used a cute picture of the boys taken when they were younger for the place card table

Weilheimer backstage pass
The Weilheimer Family had backstage passes printed up for their rock theme using both girls names


Stamp - Mitzvah Decor


Sometimes it’s the special touches that are the most clever!




Mitzvah Inspire This Way to the B'nai centerpiece
We love this iTwins theme from Mitzvah Event Productions

Mitzvah Inspire Twins Soda pop

The party sign for these twins Rachel and Adam read,”Twin Bottling Company” from La Soiree Chic


Balloon Artistry created picture cube centerpieces for the Horowitz Triplets




A clever way to have guests sign-in for both guests of honor!



Bnai Mitzvah: Balloon Artistry

From Balloon Artistry a movie poster theme sign-in for two!

Krantz Double locker

The Kratz Family used two lockers as the sign-in board for their twin boys





A unique and clever favor idea when the giveaway is from two!




Why not have each child design one side of a reversible sweatshirt! The black side says, “Think We Not Me” and the gray side says, “Peace In Our World” from [email protected]


Stamp - Mitzvah Cake



The cakes below were all created for B’nai Mitzvahs. Whether it’s two boys, two girls or one of each, their likes and interests were well represented!


Pink Cake Box: Bnai Mitzvah

Pink Cake Box created this cake for a B’nai Mitzvah of twin boys. Their theme was Ben’s and Oliver’s world and the cake represented their respective interests

Mitzvah Inspire: Bnai
Carlo’s Bakery aka the Cake Boss created this beautiful cake for twin girls. He even captured their Mitzvah dresses as the toppers!

Mitzvah Inspire This Way Bnai cake
This amazing ski slope birthday cake was made by Angie Hough

Mitzvah Inspire B'nai Cakes Cake Boss

The Cake Boss was asked to make a cake that had a hockey table with figures that could actually be played!


Stamp - Mitzvah Project Idea


Here are a few Mitzvah Project ideas from twins, a brother/sister and triplets!



Dear Soldier sized
Check out Dear Soldier

Jesse and Jake Weiner

Check out Reaching Out To Help Out


Check out Blythedale Hospital

Did you throw a celebration for twins and/or siblings and have a great idea? Let us know at [email protected].

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