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Wendy Marx

Wendy Marx

Hebrew Help Is Here

For many kids, Hebrew classes are just one of the many activities they have scheduled throughout the week. To help reinforce the lessons taught in Hebrew school, sometimes one-on-one attention is just what is needed. Meet Wendy Marx of Jericho, NY. Wendy is a Hebrew tutor for our over-scheduled Mitzvah Kids who might need a little extra help in preparing for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah. She also specialize in students with special needs.

Additionally, Wendy refers to herself as a “mentor,” often acting as a go-between, helping parents communicate with their clergy. If there are questions that parents are shy to ask, Wendy can often answer the question, thanks to her experience. Or she will step in and ask the clergy on their behalf. If your child could use some extra help, contact Wendy directly at [email protected] or 516-933-7448.

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