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Camp Connection

Camp Connection

Even though it’s cold outside, some of us are thinking about summer – summer camp, anyway. If you’re starting to look for a summer camp for your child, and are feeling a little overwhelmed by the process, do not worry. There is good news; there is help.

Camp Connection is a free service that helps match kids with sleepaway camps that fit their needs and personalities. Referring to themselves as “Your Sleepaway Camp Matchmaker,” Camp Connection specializes in learning about your kids and then making suggestions on what sleepaway camps they would most enjoy. The team behind Camp Connection has been offering this help for more than 20 years. And did we mention that it’s FREE?

In addition to acting as Sleepaway Camp Matchmaker, the Camp Connection staff runs an affiliate program called Teen Connection. Owners Norm and Laurel Barrie say, “Our Mitzvah is having the skills and expertise to make appropriate recommendations to families.” This service helps match teens with summer programs including travel, community service, language immersion and outdoor adventure. Just what we love – summer Mitzvah Projects.

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