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Mitzvah Find: iMingle

Mitzvah Find: iMingle

iMingle from Foto Novelty Inc. takes pictures of your guests and allows them to write their message on a touch screen.

Guests get to sign their names, write a message to the hosts, or create artwork. When they are finished, the pictures are printed and also wirelessly sent to a plasma screen for other guests to see. Guests also receive a framed copy, and hosts get a CD with all of the photos.

The iMingle recently won the Biz Bash annual New York Event Style Award for “Great New Product of 2011.”



Foto Novelty can also provide event photo favors services, where your guests are photographed on a green-screen and superimposed into hundreds of digital backgrounds: magazine covers, nature shots, movie posters, travel destinations, Andy Warhol pictures and many more.

For more information, call Stan or Art at 866-452-0527.


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