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Mitzvah-Nomics: Renterpieces

Mitzvah-Nomics: Renterpieces

From the Mitzvah-Nomics Cost-Saving file we are excited to share with you something called “Renterpieces” from Mitzvah Vendor Life O’ The Party.

Mark Zettler, President of Life O’ The Party tells Mitzvah Market that they have a few different themes of Renterpieces and several “rentable” lighting items that can also enhance these pieces. “Lighted columns and neon light bases look great with the Renterpieces,” he says.

Candy Renterpieces – Each piece consists of a very large bar (approximately three feet) with other giant “sweets” included in the base of the Renterpiece. All items are based on their foil “pouf” base which is a collection of tufts of foil paper, along with colorful curling ribbon. The piece sits on a separate rental pedestal ($15 for pedestal). Retail cost for each piece would be $150.00. Rental price is $50.00.

Candy renterpiece

Candy Renterpieces

Hollywood Renterpiece – Each piece consists of a very large take board, glittered film reel, a glittered star that says Hollywood and a three foot award statue. They personalize each take board by changing the movie name and event date. This piece also sits on a separate rental pedestal. Retail cost for this piece would be $175.00. Rental price is $50.00.

Hollywood Renterpiece

Hollywood theme Renterpiece

Broadway and disco theme Renterpieces are available as well.

For more information, please contact Mark Zettler at Life O’ The Party, 201-342-2121.

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