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Trend Alert: Mitzvah Boxes

Trend Alert: Mitzvah Boxes

The pandemic certainly changed all of our lives. If you were a family who had a Bar or Bat Mitzvah planned, you had to re-imagine what your service and party would look like in the new world we were living in.

Some silver linings did occur, however, and one of those is the “Mitzvah Box.” This craze for virtual Bar and Bat Mitzvahs could be here to stay!

According to Stephanie Feldman, owner of Cutie Patootie Creations, “Families were trying to figure out ways for all of their guests to be involved in the special day. Mitzvah Boxes were a way to include everyone in the celebration.”

What is a Mitzvah Box? Any shape or sized box, sent to your guests, filled with everything as small as yarmulkes and your Bar/Bat Mitzvah program all the way to personalized sweatshirts and fleece blankets. Cookies created with a logo? Water bottles? Yes, it all can be put into your Mitzvah Box!

Example of Mitzvah Boxes from Cutie Patootie Creations

Who would you send a Mitzvah Box to? That is one of the many advantages of the new trend. Anyone you want. You can include all of your guests or only those who RSVP’d yes. You could make an all adult box, just for kids, or entire families.

“I’ve been working this past year with all types of budgets, small and large, to make up Mitzvah Boxes.” Stephanie tells Mitzvah Market. “It is such a nice way to keep people together and feel involved in your event. I’ve even sent boxes as far as Israel!” Popular items she has sent have included squeeze stress balls, personalized welcome cards, customized chocolate bars and sweet and salty snacks.

Examples of Boxes From Other Families


And let’s not forget those who can actually attend in person. You can deliver them locally or hand them out to your in-person guests at your Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

Are Mitzvah Boxes here to stay? It is certainly a great way to keep people that cannot travel (or who are not yet ready to travel) included in such a momentous occasion.

Did you create a Mitzvah Box? Send us a photo at [email protected]!

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