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How to Update Your Swag/Logos for Postponed Bar Bat Mitzvah Events

How to Update Your Swag/Logos for Postponed Bar Bat Mitzvah Events

If your Bar Bat Mitzvah date has been postponed, can you still use the swag and giveaways with your original date? The answer is: YES!

This question was asked in Mitzvah Market’s Philadelphia Area Bar/Bat Mitzvah Planning Group on Facebook. Vendors and parents agree that you can and should use any Mitzvah related merchandise that you’ve already purchased/printed. Family and friends will all understand the situation and the swag with the original date will become a fun conversation piece.

If you do decide to reprint your favors, vendors may offer discounts or agree to reproduce the items at cost. For other families, simply putting a spin on the original party swag feels right.  

See below for clever ideas to re-use or re-imagine your Bar Bat Mitzvah swag:

If you would like to share your Bar Bat Mitzvah postponement idea, let us know at [email protected]. For ideas on how to handle your postponement invite, check out How to Word Bar Bat Mitzvah Postponement Cards.

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