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A Special Gift For The Bar Bat Mitzvah Child

A Special Gift For The Bar Bat Mitzvah Child

Your child will be invited to many Bar Bat Mitzvahs during their 7th and 8th grade school years. There are dressy clothes to purchase, carpools to arrange and many gifts to buy!

It’s common, and (let’s face it) easy, to send a check as the Bar Bat Mitzvah gift. After all, there’s a Bar Bat Mitzvah money card section in many stationery stores across the country.

Bar Bat Mitzvah gift amounts vary depending on where you live in the country, your relationship to the child and how many in your family are attending the celebration. What if you prefer to give the young man or young lady something special, more personal? 

It’s very hard to know what a 13 year old would want as a Bar Bat Mitzvah gift. There are laptops, iPads, iPods and many other electronic devices. For the girls, jewelry is an easy choice and most boys would love tickets to a sporting event.

We found six other options that might strike a cord with your special Mitzvah boy or girl:

1. Baseball cuff links.

Alex Imberman cuff links

Cuff links from Paul Fredrick

These baseball cuff links from Paul Fredrick are very special because they are made from actual used game baseballs. There’s a number engraved on the back which you enter into their Website to find out information about the game they were played in!

2. Invitation box from Lexington Studios.

Lapidus gift
This gift box from Lexington Studios is personalized with the child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah invitation on the outside and a special message from the gift giver on the inside. Each box also contains an album with ten 8.5 x 11” sheet protectors and acid free paper to allow for creative scrapbooking and to hold your favorite photos. The album can also serve as a guest sign-in book!

3. A customized rap song from

Watch sample song here will gather information from you about the guest of honor and then create a completely personalized rap song and slide show using 20-30 photos. This video can be shown at the child’s celebration as an entrance video or as part of the montage.

4. The Daily Portrait.

The Daily Portrait
The Daily Portrait from Milson Road is a great commemorative Bar Bat Mitzvah gift that is set up like a newspaper. It shows the lead headline, which is news of the Bar Bat Mitzvah child being called to the Torah and other information about the service and celebration. Additionally, they capture the news of the day from national and international sources. It is produced in an 18 x 20 inch print with a custom wood frame

5.  The Pieced Palette.

The Pieced Palette

These keepsake pillows are custom made to complement any invitation, announcement or photo. Using the Bar Bat Mitzvah child’s invitation, they find a complementary fabric and ribbon and create a pillow


6. Sean Kenney: Your portrait in lego!

Cortell lego

These clever gift ideas will have the special guest of honor in your life remembering you for years to come.

For more gift ideas, visit our Mom To Mom Forum and make some suggestions for our readers!

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