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Mitzvah Inspire: Hip Hip Horah

Mitzvah Inspire: Hip Hip Horah

Bar and Bat Mitzvah receptions are not complete without the traditional Horah!

Usually a few strong and brave guests hoist up the Bar or Bat Mitzvah child in the air and then their immediate family as the song Hava Nagila plays loudly.

Friends and family dance around in a circle looking at the guest of honor in the chair as they try their hardest not to look scared.

The Horah is a great photo opportunity and makes for lasting memories.

Here are some fun things that other families have done to start a tradition of their own around their child’s Horah! 



The chair above with a special lifting handrail is from Kombert Caterers.



As we reported in the Rothenberg Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight, the Mitzvah dad custom built the Horah chair made from old hockey sticks!


At this celebration, certain guests were identified as the “Hora Hoister” for a better organized dance

As reported in the Gendler Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight, this family bought an unfinished chair, painted it and then stenciled the Bat Mitzvah girl’s name, date and Hebrew name on it. She also added a beautiful quote from the Torah on the front and decorated it with lots of big rhinestones

If you’re going to be up in the chair, wear some fabulous shoes like this Bat Mitzvah Mom did from the Rosh-Gorsky Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight story

This family had t-shirts created saying, “Chair Guy” and handed them out to those friends who would be doing the lifting

Flutter FETTI®
adds to the festive celebration with a flurry of colorful confetti swirling around a dance floor!

 Did you do something special for your child’s Horah? Please share it with us at [email protected].

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