50th Bar Mitzvah Anniversary
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50th Bar Mitzvah Anniversary

50th Bar Mitzvah Anniversary

Tom Mart, Joel Herman and Dale Nash are three childhood friends from Cleveland, Ohio, who attended Hebrew School together.

Recently, Tom realized the 50th Anniversary of their Bar Mitzvah services would be approaching and a twist of fate brought him back together with old friends Joel and Dale. Together they decided to celebrate in a big way!

Joel and Dale actually shared the Bimah back on April 25, 1964, for their Bar Mitzvah and Tom’s was on Shabbat HaGadol-Shabbat before Pescach.


On April 12, 2014, these three friends, along with their family and friends, participated in Shabbot morning service at B’nai Jeshurun in Pepper Pike, Ohio, followed by an extended Kiddush that they all sponsored.

50 Year Bar Mitzvah Anniversary

Tom, Dale and Joel on the Bimah with the Rabbi

For Tom, he recited his exact long Haftorah. He says, “I practiced on and off for 8 months. Unfortunately, I didn’t remember much!”

Tom Mart: 50th Anniversary of Bar Mitzvah
Tom Mart on the day of his Bar Mitzvah in 1964 and a current picture


Dale: 50th Anniversary of Bar Mitzvah

Dale Nash at his Bar Mitzvah and 50 years later

Joel Herman
Joel Herman on his Bar Mitzvah day

Mazel Tov to Tom, Dale and Joel on the 50th Anniversary of their Bar Mitzvahs. We thank them for sharing their special story with us at Mitzvah Market!




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