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Check out These Stylish Bar and Bat Mitzvah Sneakers

Check out These Stylish Bar and Bat Mitzvah Sneakers

Stylish Bar and Bat Mitzvah Sneakers

A fun and hip trend in footwear for bar and bat mitzvahs is stylish sneakers! A great way to customize a look and add a personal flair, stylish bar and bat sneakers are a great way to stand out. Kids can add their name, graffiti streetwear looks, bling, jewels, and more to create a style that is 100% them. They are also comfortable and last long after the bar or bat mitzvah is over.  Check out some of our favorite creative looks for stylish, happy feet below:

Rebootz Stylish Sneakers

For, stylish bar and bat mitzvahs sneakers, families can check out Rebootz. Founded by Hilary Berger and Debby Rifkin, they offer customized options for any kinds of sneakers. This includes adding a customized and personalized style to Converse, Vans, Superga, Adidas, Nikes or Keds. Debby Rifkin, founder of Rebootz, noted “the whole family loves to get customized footwear – they aren’t just for bar and bat mitzvahs.”

Glittering Nike's

Glittering Nike’s with an ode to pink.

Street wear, express your interests in style!

These bar mitzvah kicks surely scored a goal with a customized hand-painted logo.


Talk about dripping in crystals in these customized sneakers.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Stylish Sneakers

Bar Mitzvah boy Jake’s wore customized Nike’s – with the New York Met’s logo and colors – for his baseball-themed celebration. Read more about Jake’s party here 

Bat Mitzvah girl Ellie stayed comfortable in these blinged out Adidas sneakers with pink ribbon laces which were made by her mom! To read more about Ellie’s Broadway-themed celebration, click here

Sparkling, rhinestone covered high tops took this Mitzvah girl’s glam from head to toe. To read more about this “Gabulous” celebration, click here

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Blinged out custom Converse sneakers with Morgan’s name and LED sneakers for Evan. To read more about this “E&M” B’nai Mitzvah, click here

The Event Of A Lifetime: Rydiculous

 Cool custom Converse sneakers with Ryan’s name and Bat Mitzvah date. To read more about this “Rydiculous” Bat Mitzvah, click here

Mazor style

Purple sneakers completed the look for Marlee Mazor whose sneakers matched her dress. To read more about this Bat Mitzvah,
click here.

 Tashlik style
Mom Mindy’s blinged out sneakers from Designing Dreams (featured left) and daughter Zoe changed from sparkle heels into her preferred lavender Superga sneakers that she enhanced with lilac satin ribbon shoelaces. To read more about the Tashlik Bat Mitzvah, click here.

 Carly_Hofferman style

For Carly Hofferman’s Bat Mitzvah, she wore “bling” on her feet with silver glittery sneakers. To read more about this Bat Mitzvah click here

Pollack Mitzvah Style.

Check out those cool sneakers that Lindsey Pollack wore from Nature Breeze. They are the Venus style purchased through iDeals Boutique on Ebay. To read more about this Bat Mitzvah, click here.

Madison Goldberg sneakers

Madison Goldberg’s sneakers with “bling” were comfortable and very chic. To read more about Madison’s Bat Mitzvah, click here.

Did you or your child wear stylish sneakers to their celebration?  Email us at [email protected].


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