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Custom Labels For Candy & More

Custom Labels For Candy & More

Looking for a sweet way to end your Bar Bat Mitzvah celebration? How about candy customized with your child’s logo or picture? You can customize Hershey kisses, chocolate bars, mints, and even Oreos to match your theme.

Customizing candy treats is simple. Many companies specialize in making candy wrappers and stickers. All you need is the logo or picture to be printed on the candy. Your only decisions are what candy you want and whether you want to assemble the candy or not. Most companies will assemble the treats with the custom labels, but it does increase the cost. 

Just Candy allows you to upload your design to their site. They can put your logo on Hershey kisses, Miniature and full-size Hershey bars, Peppermint Patties, chocolate coins, and Belgian chocolate covered Oreos. 

There are other companies who customize candy labels. WH Candy offers similar options. However, at WH Candy you can buy just wrappers for candy bars and stickers that would work on Hershey kisses, Oreos or Peppermint Patties. You can also look at The Candy Bar Wrapper and Custom Candy Bar Wrapper

Another option is DIY. A Hershey kiss needs a 3/4 inch round sticker. You can purchase Avery labels and print them yourself using their templates at Avery. Or you can get a sheet of stickers, print your logo, and with a 3/4′ hole punch cut the labels out.


WIth a custom label, your candy is going to look great, and it is sure to be a perfect ending for your celebration. 

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