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Wow Your Guests with NJM Entertainment’s Custom LED Wall

Wow Your Guests with NJM Entertainment’s Custom LED Wall

NJM Entertainment is a boutique style entertainment company based in New York that specializes in DJs, videographers, games, live music, lighting, multimedia and unique talent.

They have a new LED video wall with state of the art technology that can show your montage and logos plus can be a focal point in your Bar or Bat Mitzvah event space. The LED wall is controlled by an on-site tech who has the ability to change the logo, messaging, and music videos in real time on the big screen. A zap shot photographer is also included with the LED wall package. This is a staff member (not a professional photographer) who will walk around throughout the event and take candid pictures of your guests that will also be shown on the screen.

Here are some of the ways NJM Entertainment incorporated the LED Wall creating a customized space.

To learn more about this and other great entertainment options, visit NJM Entertainment’s extended profile page in our Vendor Directory.

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