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Simon Elliot Events Presents Q Trivia At Bar & Bat Mitzvah Celebrations

Simon Elliot Events Presents Q Trivia At Bar & Bat Mitzvah Celebrations

Hundreds of thousands of people open a trivia app twice a day for the chance to win big playing HQ Trivia. A live smart phone trivia app that’s gone viral, HQ tests your trivia knowledge using a fast paced elimination style game that all ages can play.

It wasn’t long until this trend hit the Bar Bat Mitzvah circuit thanks to Simon Elliot Events.

Recently, not only did guests at Sydney’s Bat Mitzvah get to play a special version of “Q Trivia” with random trivia questions as well as specific questions about the guest of honor, but they were completely surprised when HQ Trivia host Scott Rogowsky showed up live in person to MC the game! Scott hadn’t been to a Bar Mitzvah since his own and couldn’t believe how excited everyone was to meet him and play Q Trivia.

How does it work? Guests are invited to participate in Q Trivia using their phones by visiting a unique URL shown on the giant screen built into the Q Trivia Set. Once connected, guests can input answers in real-time from their phones, scores are calculated based on correct answers and the speed at which answers are submitted. The top 12 scorers from the first round move on to a final elimination round. During the elimination round, consisting of 5 multiple choice questions, contestants enter the playing arena marked A, B, & C graphics on the floor. During this round players must move to the letter that corresponds with their answer. At the end of five questions, any contestants left are winners and receive prizes.

Besides playing Syd Q Trivia, guests also enjoyed the Tunnel of Lights, a custom makeup booth, Mitzvah Madness and a wireless Strolling Boomerang.

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