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Rockmitzvah For Special Needs Children

Rockmitzvah For Special Needs Children

Families looking for an unparalleled musical experience for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah will find it in Rockmitzvah—a band who makes the child the star of the performance.

Rockmitzvah’s entertainment model has broad appeal, yet it serves many interesting niche audiences. For example, Rockmitzvah has been serving the special-needs community of the tri-state area since 2007. The group caters to families whose children are looking for a different experience. In some cases the child may have behavioral issues, autism spectrum disorder, and other challenges.

Lynne Whitman says she chose Rockmitzvah for her son Ethan’s Bar Mitzvah because she says, “Our son loves music. When we asked him how he’d like to celebrate becoming a Bar Mitzvah with his family and friends he said that he wanted to rock out. So we wanted to make that happen. After a few discussions with Rockmitzvah, we knew that our son would have the opportunity make music with and for everyone in the room. And despite our initial concerns, we were assured that Rockmitzvah would work with our son and not in a cookie cutter format. This was critical to us given his love and gift for music and special needs.”

Lynne says her son’s experience was amazing. “He loved every minute of it. He’d do it again in a heartbeat.” When asked how Rockmitzvah made her son’s day special, she said “They listened to us. They listened to our son. During the rehearsal they became a band. They focused on making it work for our son and our family.”

Rockmitzvah is a band whose roster is comprised of real rock musicians. The group works with each family in advance of their party to make the child the star while also incorporating guests into the day’s performances. The band will customize the music to match the needs and tastes of those in attendance. The musicians can easily offer today’s pop music, rock music, R&B, Broadway show tunes, popular Jewish music, and classics appealing to older generations.

Guests have fun with Rockmitzvah too!

“Families immediately understand that we are all about the child and the child’s comfort level on stage,” says Marc Jacoby, founding member of Rockmitzvah. “We are life-long musicians, performers, and music educators. But first and foremost, we are dads. We understand that every child has unique needs and every child deserves to be respected and listened to.”

A happy Bar Mitzvah boy posing with the Rockmitzvah band

Rockmitzvah is a great option for kids and families seeking an alternative to the typical DJ or loud over-the-top musical experience.

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