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Jason Silberman: Virtual Magic/Mentalism Show

Jason Silberman: Virtual Magic/Mentalism Show

Jason Silberman has spent most of his career blending magic and mentalism while performing inches away from guests at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and other events in the Tri-State area. Once the Pandemic started, he invested in a better camera and set-up, re-designed his tricks and has gone on to perform over 150 virtual shows!

Jason tells Mitzvah Market, “Back in March, all of our lives changed. As an entertainer, it’s my job to work with people, in-person. Many of my events were cancelled and some rescheduled but I had to make up for that lost business and keep my skills sharp. I now get to perform for people all over the country and all over the world! I’ve performed for people in London, Chicago, Canada and of course, the New York tri-state area.”

The show is an interactive experience that takes tricks from his professional repertoire as well as specially designed magic just for the virtual medium. Viewers will watch magic on screen as well as participate throughout causing some of the tricks to unfold in their own homes! He’s performed this show for 4 people on a call all the way up to 200+.

Look At These Amazed Faces!

Here’s what some of his clients had to say:

“Jason Silberman puts on a show that will blow your mind! He gets everyone to participate, is charming and entertaining (even over Zoom, which can be a challenge!), and is SUPER TALENTED.  We couldn’t be happier and we all signed off in a great mood – MUCH needed lately. You and your friends will be talking about it for days after the event!” – Amy A., New York, NY

“Jason’s “Virtual Show” was fabulous! We had a huge attendance, and everyone loved it.” – Elaine G., Sarasota, FL

“Jason was fantastic! He performed on a zoom call for my son’s Bar Mitzvah and it was the perfect way to bring everyone together and find a way to make the experience a celebration. The kids loved it and he did a great job of engaging with he entire crowd. My son told me it was the highlight of his entire Bar Mitzvah. We have seen a LOT of magic shows and this was up there with the best!” – Jenifer G., New York, NY

To learn more about Jason Silberman Magic, visit his profile page.



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