Hoop Wizard: Bar Bat Mitzvah Basketball Action

Hoop Wizard: Bar Bat Mitzvah Basketball Action

Looking for a basketball entertainer and performer for your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah celebration whose amazing skills dazzle children and families across the world?

Meet Jack Ryan, aka Hoop Wizard, aka BlackJack, the three-time Guinness world record holder who performs his unparalleled spinning shows and motivational talks throughout the east coast including New York City, New Jersey, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island and nationwide.

With more than 20 years of experience, Jack knows how to entertain Bar Bat Mitzvah guests of all ages. For your cocktail hour, Jack brings two basketballs to spin. He interacts with guests by walking around doing tricks and spinning basketballs off of the kids and adults. Everyone enjoys the one-on-one interaction with the Hoop Wizard. 

If you hire Jack for a performance at your child’s celebration, generally it takes place when parents are sitting and the kids are finished eating. He’ll perform the same basketball act that he does for NBA and College halftime shows! His finale is nine spinning basketballs on his body. He continues his performance by engaging young guests in exciting games and ends by walking around the party spinning a basketball on the kids and adults. It’s amazing to watch!

Here are pictures of BlackJack in action: 


Take a look at his promo video and see him in action!

Bar Mitzvah basketball entertainment

Watch the Hoop Wizard


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To learn more about Hoop Wizard, visit his extended profile page in our Vendor Directory.

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