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Bar Bat Mitzvah Football Frenzy From Simon Elliot Events

Bar Bat Mitzvah Football Frenzy From Simon Elliot Events



Simon Elliot Events employs a full-time creative team providing graphic design, photo and video production, extra entertainment services, large format printing, unique photo stations or booths, web development, and event planning services for Bar Bat Mitzvah celebrations.

They have a passion for producing creative events that exceed their discerning clients’ expectations. They understand the challenges presented when planning an event of any kind, and pride themselves in their ability to bring a sense of clarity to your vision.




Bar and Bat Mitzvah kids are going crazy over the new game Football Frenzy. Two players compete simultaneously in a football toss. Each player has 10 attempts to beat their opponent by racking up the most points. Two screens keep track of each complete pass. A leader board is kept throughout the party and gift cards are given out to the top winners.


Bar Mitzvah football frenzy

A custom graphic panel adds just enough customization to this already cool game!

For this ultimate football experience, your guests will have unlimited plays with two attendants on hand dressed as referees.

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