Bar Bat Mitzvah Entertainment: Liquid Galaxy

Bar Bat Mitzvah Entertainment: Liquid Galaxy By End Point

Bar Bat Mitzvah Entertainment: Liquid Galaxy By End Point


Enter End Point’s Liquid Galaxy!



This is a popular interactive panoramic system using wrap-around high definition screens to create a fully visual immersive experience.


Bar Mitzvah Entertainment

Watch guests interact with Liquid Galaxy by End Point at a Bar Mitzvah here

Through the interfacing of a 3D geographic experience, guests can fly around the world, see any location from the Grand Canyon to their favorite European city, rove under the oceans, and even fly to the Moon and to Mars and explore their terrains.


Bar Mitzvah Entertainment
So cool!

For the Bar Bat Mitzvah child, you can create a personalized life-story by putting images, videos, pinpoint locations and much more right onto the map prior to your celebration. Want to show friends where your child plays sports or takes music lessons? It’s easy to build that story while adding videos or pictures of them playing, of their coaches or teammates, statistics, award ceremonies, and so much more.

Bar Mitzvah Entertainment

Want to get the entire family and guest list involved as well? With End Point’s Liquid Galaxy a presentation can be created specifically for the event either beforehand, or even at the time of the event, and enjoyed by everyone. Show a history of where your relatives traveled from to get here, where they grew up, where they live now.

Bar Mitzvah Entertainment

The Liquid Galaxy will engage your guests giving them the experience of a lifetime as they enjoy the immersive journey right at the Bar or Bat Mitzvah event. A copy of the story can also be created as a give-away for guests to take home as well.

Liquid Galaxy By End Point

And of course, everyone can enjoy free-flight, anytime they want. The Liquid Galaxy allows your guests to take in the entire world by the touch of their fingers. See Paris, your school, favorite vacation spots, instantly through this fully visual immersive experience.

Bring the world to your party or event! To learn more, visit End Point by Liquid Galaxy in our Vendor Directory.

Get a demonstration of End Point by Liquid Galaxy in person at the Celebrate! Party Showcase and Mitzvah Project Fair on Sunday, January 24, 2016 from 12-4pm. Pre-register for this FREE event at

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