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Celebrity Appearances At Bar Bat Mitzvah Celebrations

Celebrity Appearances At Bar Bat Mitzvah Celebrations



We have seen Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations at all budget levels. Families get creative with their theme, decor, favors and more.

Sometimes families want to take their celebration to the next level and pay (sometimes more than you can imagine) to surprise their child with a famous singer, actor or sports celebrity.

See some celebrity appearances below:


 Dwight Gooden: Celeb Appearances

At a celebration with Crowd Control Entertainment, Dwight Gooden made an appearnace for this Baseball themed Bar Mitzvah and took pictures with all the guests including the happy Bar Mitzvah boy

Kombert Caterers: Celebs at Mitzvah

From Kombert Caterers, looks like Bat Mitzvah girl Jolie is thrilled to meet Jarvis Landry from the Miami Dolphins 

Celebs At Mitzvah: Simon Elliot Events

Simon Elliot Events was the photographer at the Fierman family Bat Mitzvah. This family celebrated with celebrity guest Cher Llyod

EK Productions

The NY Giants rocked AJ’s Bar Mitzvah with EK Productions

Celeb at Mitzvah: Hi-Tech Photography Events

Hi-Tech Photography Events captured the excitement as Jared Glicksman makes his entrance with his Knicks City Dancers entourage!

Todd Yahney: Celebs At Mitzvahs

Todd Yahney Music & Entertainment dancers with Larry Johnson from the NY Knicks at a recent Bar Mitzvah

The Portrait Shoppe
Mr. Met made an appearance and posed for a picture with Bar Mitzvah boy Eli shot by The Portrait Shoppe

Todd Shapera: Celeb Appearance

Todd Shapera Photography shot photos of New York Giants Reuben Randle with this Bar Mitzvah family and all their guests

Celebs at Bar Mitzvah

Nicki Minaj attended Matt’s Bar Mitzvah at the Pierre Hotel and performed 7 songs

Nicki Minjai and John Starks

She wasn’t the only celebrity who attended this celebration. Matt also greeted John Starks

Did your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration include a celebrity appearance? Let us know at [email protected].



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