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Trend Alert: Table Numbers

Trend Alert: Table Numbers


We are all living in the age of navigation and GPS, but most of us still need to depend on the old-fashioned table numbers to help our guests find their seats at our children’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah reception.

Please remember that each detail of a Bar/Bat Mitzvah is an opportunity for you and your child to be creative, inspirational and original.

If your party needs old fashioned table numbers, we have found some very creative (and in some cases inexpensive) ideas to inspire you.

Check it out below:





Hi-Tech Table Numbers

Hi-Tech Photography Events suggests using photographs of your child at various ages to correspond to the table number!

MItzvah Inspire Table Number

From Vintage Confections on Etsy these Fancy Filigree numbers are hard candy lollipops

Table Number Party Excellence

Adorable planters with table numbers from Party Excellence

Mitzvah Inspire: Peter Oberc

Party planner Arlene Rosenthal (203-226-3672) used movie tickets to create this table number

Passman Decor 5

From the Passman MItzvah Spotlight these framed pictures of real bunks served as table numbers for their camp themed Bat Mitzvah

Mitzvah Inspire Table NUmbers by JenTable

Invites by Jen also on Etsy, creates very inexpensive table numbers adorned with a beautiful floral damask print and Swarovski crystals

Mitzvah Inspire Bar_Mitzvah Monogram TableNumber

A very traditional table card design from Documents and Design can be customized by mixing and matching elements

MItzvah Inspire Flower Table Numbers

From Blowout Party this paper rose stand comes in lavender and pale pink

Mitzvah Find Happy Tape 3

Do it yourself and get creative with Japanese washi paper called Happy Tape. This would be great for table numbers and it’s sold in a variety of colors and motifs so you should be able to find tape to match your Bar/Bat Mitzvah colors and/or theme

Lapidus table #'s

Amy Wohl created these matching luminaire table numbers which lit up with LED lights for her niece, Carly Lapidus

Do you have a creative table number idea? Let us know at [email protected].

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