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NY Lounge Decor: Candy, Cubbies, Centerpieces and More

NY Lounge Decor: Candy, Cubbies, Centerpieces and More

NY Lounge Decor Event Rental is the premier furniture rental solution for the entire New York and Tri-State area in addition to Maryland, Boston, Baltimore, Providence, Michigan, Maine, and surrounding areas.

Their extensive collection of lounge furniture rental inventory is among the highest quality in the industry and includes sofas, ottomans, lighted acrylic furniture as well as pipe and drape.

They pride themselves on top-notch customer service because they customize each clients’ party according to their event space and their needs.

They’re More Than Just Lounge Decor 

Did you know that NY Lounge Decor also has props, candy walls, cubbies and centerpieces for your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah celebration?


NY Lounge Decor Imagine a NYC themed Bar Bat Mitzvah party with Lady Liberty on display! 
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NY Lounge Decor

A fun alternative to a candy bar, guests of all ages love their Candy Wall 
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NY Lounge DecorCheck out these acrylic Cubbies; a colorful addition to any event space
See more cubbies and lockers here

NY Lounge Decor
NY Lounge Decor creates centerpieces that make a statement 
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To learn more about NY Lounge Decor, visit their extended profile page in our Vendor Directory.


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