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Mitzvah Mom Find: Unique Bar Mitzvah Decor

Mitzvah Mom Find: Unique Bar Mitzvah Decor



Who better to find the latest and greatest for all things Bar Bat Mitzvahs than our own Mitzvah Moms!

We featured Cindy Tell’s middle son David’s Bar Mitzvah back in 2012, now it was time for her to start coming up with ideas for her youngest son Sam’s celebration.

Inspiration can strike at any moment as Cindy found during a Soul Cycle class!

Soul Cycle

Soul Cycle

During the class, she found herself looking at a wall with inspirational words. As she tells Mitzvah Market, “I just thought it would be so cool to incorporate all the kids names in a similar way.”

Bar Mitzvah decor

The result: Scarsella Flowers designed a “wall of names”

Cindy adds, “It was a big hit! The kids all freaked out when they walked in and couldn’t wait to find their names!”

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