Bar Bat Mitzvah Cubbies & Lockers

Bar Bat Mitzvah Decor Ideas: Creative Cubbies And Lockers

Bar Bat Mitzvah Decor Ideas: Creative Cubbies And Lockers


Cubbies and lockers are the perfect place for young guests to place their giveaways, shoes and other items during your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah celebration.

In addition to their practicality, they add to the decor too. Cubbies can be stacked, custom made and labeled with your guests’ name.

Here are some examples:





Sarah Merians Photography & Video: Cubbie/Lockers

Painted lockers for a Bar Mitzvah celebration from Party Artistry
Photo credit: Sarah Merians Photography & Video Company

Dazzling Parties: Cubbies/Lockers

Dazzling Parties created this urban inspired basketball theme with rustic looking lockers 

Cubbies - The Event Of A Lifetime

The Event Of A Lifetime always recommends cubbies for the kids if the celebration has a lounge area. Although they have done several different types of cubbies; wood, plastic, wire, cloth hanging, this video shows the latest in cubbies! They can be set to light up the color of your party or they can change colors
Watch here

Entertainment Tonite: Cubbies

Illuminated cubbies from Entertainment Tonite keeps favors organized and can match any color theme


PBG Miller cubbies

PBG Miller Immersive Environments created a wall of cubbies that held customized computer bags for an iMax theme

Caryle on the Green cubbies

 Personalized cubbies at Carlyle at the Palace also held gift bags at the end of the night

ek productions cubbies

EK Productions set up these black cubbies right outside the ballroom


These are illuminated cubbies that Hal Prince Entertainment set up at a Bar Mitzvah where the young guests stored their custom goody bags, airbrushed hats and dance floor giveaways 

 Jimmy Dee Entertainment cubbies

Jimmy Dee Entertainment has several styles to choose from like these on poles which lift the cubbies off the floor

balloon artistry cubbies

Balloon Artistry used lounge cubbies with LED lighting and custom logo signs

VIP Luna Rentals cubicle display

VIP Luna Rentals can illuminate cubbies for an amazing decor element

Amazing Celebrations cubbies

Custom signage directed the kids to their personalized cubbies for a camp themed Bat Mitzvah from Amazing Celebrations

Cubbies Creative Occasions

Creative Occasions placed handsome “Cubbies” off to the side of the ballroom

Did you use cubbies & lockers in a creative way at your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah? Share the photo with us and be featured in our next story! Email us at [email protected].


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