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Mitzvah Inspire: Bar Decor

Mitzvah Inspire: Bar Decor

When thinking about the decor for your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration, don’t overlook the bar!

It’s one of the places that many of your adult guests will spend time at when they are not eating or dancing. We found many creative ways to incorporate your theme and/or colors onto the bar.

The sports theme quilted bar to the left is from Jersey Street Furniture.



Party Planner Terri Bergman created an Andy Warhol effect on the bar at this Bat Mitzvah

Party Interiors can customize any color and create a glow bar

From the DelAngelo Mitzvah Family spotlight with a “Sweet Caroline” theme, the bar is filled with appetizers for the kids with big candy/ice cream displays

Great Neck Games used a monogram on a white bar along with some pretty floral arrangements for an elegant but simple touch

This bar from Atmosphere Lounge Dezinz has a section with old fashioned soda bottles for the young guests

Jersey Street Furniture used this Bat Mitzvah girl’s logo on the front of a circular bar

You know you are at a New York City themed Bat Mitzvah when looking at this bar from Party Perfect Orlando

From Michael Jurick Photography, Diana Gould Events decorated the bar with hip neon colors

Did you dress-up your Bar/Bat Mitzvah bar at your child’s celebration? Let us know at [email protected].


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