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Mitzvah Inspire: Eye-Catching Signage

Mitzvah Inspire: Eye-Catching Signage



Signage is a great way to add another level of creativity to your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah theme, color scheme and room decor.

From colorful poster to LED fabric walls, here’s a look at innovative approaches that will grab the attention of guests.



Check out the ideas below:


Berman place card signage

 Sarah Merians Photography & Videography took this photo at Ethan’s Bar Mitzvah celebration. As guests arrived, the theme was evident due to an over-sized envelope which included all of Ethan’s hobbies and activities

Eye Catching Signage: The Event Of A Lifetime
The Event Of A Lifetime was responsible for the decor and signage for this Bar Mitzvah celebration that partly took place in the family’s garage!

Gruber Entrance
Lighter Than Air Events created this “break through” wall for Mason to enter his Mason Nation Bar Mitzvah celebration 

Simon Elliot signage

Using this life size poster, Simon Elliot Events helped this Bat Mitzvah girl say ‘thank you’ to her guests

Beth Fink signage

Beth Fink Events was the party planner for this Bat Mitzvah. As soon as guests arrived they were welcomed with a Bat Mitzvah gobo logo created by Total Entertainment 

FLower POwer Designs signage

Flower Power Designs created this “mocktails” sign for Matthew’s Bar Mitzvah

Eye Catching Signage: Garlick & Herbs

From Garelick & Herbs, guests loved sitting at Abby’s Snack Shack

Jimmy Dee Entertainment: eye catching signage 

Jimmy Dee Entertainment gives the Bat Mitzvah girl her name in lights on this marquee presenting, “Melissa the Musical”

Balloon Artistry: Eye Catching Signage

Balloon Artistry gives Amanda great signage and blow-ups in the lounge area at her Bat Mitzvah celebration

Rachel Martin Decor
Splatter paint neon signage included all of Rachel’s favorite things from Party Excellence

Crowd Control: Eye Catching Signage

Crowd Control Entertainment provided the music for a baseball themed Bar Mitzvah with signage directing Matthew’s friends to the VIP section

Eye Catching Signage: Hi Tech

Hi Tech Photography Events create signage for Justin’s Legends Suite


haley johnson spotlight signage
The Johnson Mitzvah Family Spotlight story featured great signage which directed guests where to go


From the Malavsky Mitzvah Family Spotlight story, guests knew the theme as soon as they saw this signage

84 West Events camp signage
Guests were “thanked” at Camp Alyssa’s Bat Mitzvah by 84 West Studios


A Bar Mitzvah designed by New York-based David Stark Design and Production had custom super-size signs, like an “Eat” sign made out of favorite books


Did your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration have eye catching signage? Let us know at [email protected].



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