Great Gobos

Great Gobos

Great Gobos

When using lighting as part of your Bar/Bat Mitzvah decor, why not add your child’s name, theme or interests in lights!

A “gobo” is a special metal or glass disc that goes into the light fixture to produce the desired pattern.

Having a visual projected onto the dance floor or as a backdrop on walls has a big “wow” effect…and not for a huge expense.

It can be done by your entertainment company, photographer or event planner. The example to the left is from Brad Austin Florals.


Great Gobo palace party rentals
Palace Party Rentals used the Bar Mitzvah boy’s name facing each direction on the dance floor

Great Gobos NY Lounge Decor
NY Lounge Decor
created a hip design on the wall for this Bat Mitzvah celebration

Great Gobos IEC
Interactive Entertainment Group created a gobo using the Bar Mitzvah boy’s name “Joseph” in all versions

Great Gobos Sonia Sharma Events
 We like the unusual fonts on this gobo from Sonia Sharma Events

Parker gobo

From the Siegel Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight, this Bar Mitzvah boy had an entertainment theme

great gobo sara jordan photography
This gobo from Sara Jordan Photography captured all interests of the Bar Mitzvah boy

Brenner Mitzvah Family spotlight Rachel gobo
Party Harty
created this gobo on the wall with great impact

 Great Gobos mdm entertainment
MDM Entertainment projected this dance gobo onto a fabric backdrop

Mitzvah Family Spotlight Silberfein gobo
The Silberfein Bat Mitzvah had a cool date in lights by Pure Energy Entertainment

Mitzvah Inspire: Jesse Hernandez Photography details
For a B’nai Mitzvah, a “Sisters” gobo from Jesse Hernandez Photography

Great Gobos Tasty Sounds DJ
For cool gobo for a club theme from Tasty Sounds DJ

Great Gobo Studio 4 Event Productions
Studio 4 Event Productions created images of the sun along with the child’s name

Mitzvah Inspire Gobo Curtis Dahl Photography
A B’nai Mitzvah for Maya & Lee with a great font from Curtis Dahl Photography

 Did you use a great gobo for your child’s celebration, please let us know at [email protected].


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