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Exploding Balloons

Exploding Balloons

Balloon Artistry was established in 1987 and is a full service party design company famous for transforming parties into magical unforgettable memories.

They are known for their attention to detail, being low key and providing Bar/Bat Mitzvah families what they ask for. The quality of their ballooning is outstanding and they can light and illuminate any decor element.

Not only do they provide balloon decor/centerpieces, they can also coordinate the place cards/seating card display, back drops, candle lighting displays, sign-in boards and books to match your theme and/or colors.

We wanted to call your attention to their exploding balloons. These look like part of the decor for the beginning of your party and can bring energy back into the room towards the end of the celebration. After the “exploding” surprise, guests want to stay on the dance floor.

Here’s how it works:

Four large (3 foot) balloons are filled with 75 smaller (5 inch) balloons and confetti. These large balloons are set up on the corners of the dance floor and someone (such as the DJ) holds the button that controls the popping of the balloons.

Balloon Artistry Exploding Balloons

Balloon Artistry will coordinate the popping of the large balloons with your entertainment company. The “exploding” is usually done in the last hour of the party.

Balloon Artistry  Exploding balloons

Inside the large clear balloons, you can also use ping pong balls, feathers and confetti that floats called “Flutter Fetti,” which comes in many colors.

To learn more, visit their extended profile page in our Vendor Directory.

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