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A Bar Bat Mitzvah Frozen Treat: 321Chillz

A Bar Bat Mitzvah Frozen Treat: 321Chillz

We are sharing a “cool” and “smokin'” Bar Bat Mitzvah dessert and/or Bar Bat Mitzvah specialty drink to serve your guests!

321Chillz is a mobile liquid nitrogen cocktail bar that creates the smooth and delicious ice cream and frozen cocktails right before your eyes… at 321°F!

321Chillz uses only the freshest local ingredients to create an imaginative dessert experience for your guests.

Let them create and serve your Bar Bat Mitzvah party cocktails and/or chilled desserts in a magical way!


 321 Chillz

  It looks unique and tastes better than traditional cocktails or ice cream

321 chillz

 They can do non-alcoholic drinks and desserts for the kids

 Chillz staff
Their trained staff prepares unique cocktails and ice cream


 Some of the popular flavors include: White Peach Bellini (above), Expresso Martini, Fresh Jalapeno Pineapple Margarita

To find out more about 321Chillz, contact: Radhika Chinai, 201-452-0599 or check out their Website at 321Chillz.

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