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5 Vendors to Try for a Unique Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party

5 Vendors to Try for a Unique Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party

Sick of the same old, same old at Bar and Bat Mitzvah parties? During the height of party season, the trove of banquet hall dance parties, T-shirts, and candle lighting ceremonies can start to feel repetitive. To stand out in the crowd of sameness, check out these five vendors who can offer you a little excitement as you plan your party.


Card My Yard

Don’t just tell the world about your Bar/Bat Mitzvah party- show them! Card My Yard creates custom yard signs that incorporate your teen’s interests, favorite colors, and personality, grand enough to highlight the importance of their milestone event. Surprise your teen with a sign honoring them at home, or let guests know they’re in the right spot by having it installed at your synagogue or party venue. Nationwide service and installation included in pricing means you can spruce up just about any yard you can dream of.


Frankie’s on the Park

So many teens dream of their perfect Bar/Bat Mitzvah outfit, and a child as special as yours deserves an experience to match! Frankie’s on the Park offers specialized and personalized dress shopping experiences in an empowering, welcoming environment. Though their storefront is based in Chicago, with virtual consultations and appointments, your dream dress can be yours from anywhere in the country! Give them a visit for expert dress and fashion advice.


Fun to Eat Fruit

Everyone’s seen customized M&Ms and other candies at B Mitzvah parties- why not try a more natural option for your upcoming party? With Fun to Eat Fruit, your mitzvah logo is printed right onto your favorite fruits, for a healthy and fun treat option at the end of the night.  New York metro area and Boston families can have the freshest party, and the freshest fruits, with these favors unlike any other.


The Honest Jeweler

Jewelry is a common Bat Mitzvah gift- but the B Mitzvah teen doesn’t have to be the only one to go home with a beautiful piece. The Honest Jeweler, serving the New York metro area, Long Island, and parts of Upstate, is a custom jewelry maker who brings the bling to everyone at your party. Guests can choose from an array of styles and designs and receive a custom, engraved piece of jewelry as a party favor. Instead of settling for a sweater or T-shirt that’s uniform for all guests, you can give them a special and personal experience that they will cherish for years to come. Make your party a memorable one with this unique type of favor!


Novelty Plug

If you think you’ve seen it all at Bar/Bat Mitzvah parties, think again. Novelty Plug, who serves most of the east coast as well as Chicago, offers all the traditional party favors and entertainment, and then some. Guests will be wowed when they have a fake tattoo instantly printed on their skin, custom printed nail art that lasts for weeks, and get their party favors by popping open a balloon. These services are only offered by Novelty Plug, making them a truly special find for your truly special day. If never-before-seen is your name, Novelty Plug is certainly your game.


By Vered Ornstein

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