Tips For Your Family Casual Photo Shoot From Impressions Photo & Video

Tips For Your Family Casual Photo Shoot From Impressions Photo & Video

Tips For Your Family Casual Photo Shoot From Impressions Photo & Video

Impressions Photo & Video offers a seamless blend of traditional, casual and contemporary photography. They have been photographing Weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and special occasions for over twenty years.

Although they have covered almost two thousand events, they still know that every event is unique and approach each assignment with freshness, drive and passion.

At Impressions, it’s not just the camera, it’s the personality behind the camera. It’s about making a connection with their clients and creating images that are as unique as they are.

We spoke with Jeff from Impressions to learn more about their casual photo shoots with Bar Bat Mitzvah families and to share some helpful tips. See below:

MM: What questions do you ask the family before the shoot?
Jeff: It’s important to know more about the Bar Bat Mitzvah child so the session can be tailored to fit their personality. What sport do they play, are they into art, music, video games? What type of vibe are they looking for? This way we can suggest an appropriate location for the shoot. If the family is at a loss, we can suggest a comfortable setting where we can capture relaxed images of them.

You feel this Goalie’s intensity

Keansburg Amusement Park was the perfect backdrop to go with this arcade themed party

Body language and expression say it all here

Clients have strong emotional ties to images created at their home

Die hard “Gamer”

A NY Yankee fan…

MM: What clothing do you recommend for the families to wear?
Jeff: We suggest that everyone is coordinated with both their style of clothing and color selection. Dressy khakis are popular as are denim with white or black shirts. If it’s a beach session, obviously they can be more casual with bare feet. The most important thing is for everyone to feel comfortable wearing something that makes them feel great.


Pets are family too!

Same family above and below

We went to the beach for the oldest son’s session, then 2 years later, we worked at Deep Cut Gardens for his younger sister! They grow up so fast!


MM: Is there a certain time of day that works best?
Jeff: Yes, the best time for “sweet light” is 90 minutes before sunset for an outside shoot.

Asbury Park is a great place to capture more of an “Urban” feel

 Showing love in Asbury Park

MM: We understand you are able to create sign-in books/posters from these shoots creating a special keepsake for the families.
Jeff: We get such a terrific selection of photos as a result of these casual shoots that not only can the family use these shots for their party decor, but also for their sign-in boards and posters.

 This 30 x 40 Signature Board was hand designed from some favorite images captured at her Casual Session

We traveled to Yankee Stadium for this one!

As an option, your display board doesn’t have to be signed

 To learn more about Impressions Photo & Video, please visit their extended profile page in our Vendor Directory.

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