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Mitzvah Market Magazine: Get Advice From The Experts

Mitzvah Market Magazine: Get Advice From The Experts

Once you receive your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah date, you go into planning mode, even if it’s years in advance. You start figuring out how many people you want to invite, where you want to hold your celebration and who’s the best DJ/MC around.

You begin to ask your friends for recommendations and scour for vendors you might want to hire. Then the hard part comes: interviewing those you may want to hire. Of course, you want to make sure the vendor is available for your date and get a good vibe from them. But what are the must-have questions to ask to ensure they’ll be a good fit.

You know some of the basics – like always asking for and speaking to references and making sure outside vendors have liability insurance. But we’re here to help you with some questions you may not have thought to ask before you book.

All photos by Andi Schreiber Photography unless stated otherwise.

Questions To Ask A Venue

*How many guests can the venue accommodate?
*May we have the venue exclusively for our event? If not, how many events occur at one time?
*Is there a separate area for adults and kids or are they together in one room?
*Can you accommodate a ceremony?
*Do you have different packages for day and evening events? What does the pricing include? How many hours does this cover? Are there any additional fees?
*How much deposit do you require to hold our date? What is your cancellation policy? How much is refundable? What happens if we have to postpone due to inclement weather?
*May we bring in outside vendors, caterer, event designer, florist? If not, do we have a choice of vendors or do you supply them all?
*If we use your caterer, can we bring in our own cake? Will there be a cutting charge?
*Do you have experience with food allergies?
*If our Bar or Bat Mitzvah falls during the Christmas season, will there be seasonal decorations in your facility? Can they be removed?

Questions To Ask Before Ordering Invitations

*What is the quality of the invitations I am receiving? Is there a quality guarantee?
*Does your company do its own printing?
*How long will it take until my order is printed?
*What is included with my order? Do I get envelopes? RSVP cards? Tissue inserts?
*How many extra envelopes will I get in case I make mistakes printing addresses?
*Do I get a sample or print ready proof of my card before I finalize the order?
*How much postage will it take for this invitation? (Remember square envelopes cost more!)
*How much will it cost if I order extra invitations after the initial print run? How long will that take?
*Do you offer calligraphy or other printing services for the addresses?

Questions To Ask A Photographer/Videographer

*What is your style? Traditional? Photojournalistic?
*Are you skilled in party candids, portraits or both?
*Have you photographed many Bar and Bat Mitzvahs before so you know what to expect?
*(If you are working with a large photography studio) Who will actually be shooting my party? Can I speak to them directly beforehand?
*How many people do you work with? (If you have a large guest list or a lot going on, you may want additional photographers so you don’t miss anything.)
*Do you shoot digital or traditional film or both?
*When will we see proofs and how soon will albums be delivered once we choose the photos?
*Do you post the photos on your Website so I can share with friends and family? How long will they stay online?
*What does your price include? An album? Prints? Will I have to pay for each 5 x 7 or 8 x 10 print that is ordered? How much will that cost?
*Can I have the negatives or photos on a disk if I want to have my own digital books printed? Is that an additional cost?
*How many hours will you be there? What do you charge for overtime? Are you available for additional photo shoots in synagogue before the Bar or Bat Mitzvah or for a creative session with the child? How much more will that cost?
*What back up plans do you have if you can’t make the party at the last minute?

Questions To Ask A DJ

*How many years of experience do you have doing Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations?
*Can we see you in action? (Most DJs have videos showing them performing so you can get a sense of their style and interactions with guests. Many will supply dates for similar affairs so you can see them in person.)
*Will you guarantee (and put in the contract) the name of a certain DJ/MC who will be at my event? Can I speak to that person in advance? Tell me about him or her?
*What attire will the MC, DJ, and dancers be wearing? May I request a change? Will they wear T-shirts I provide?
*Do you bring all your own equipment or do you need the venue to supply anything?
*Do you have backup equipment and other MCs and DJs available in case of emergency or illness?
*Will you work with us to create a timeline of the event and when to add in such activities as the horah, candle lighting ceremony and montage? (Coordinate this with the venue as well.)
*Will you supply the dance floor giveaways? Do we get to choose what we want? Is this an additional charge or is it included? Can I save money by purchasing these myself?
*What other extras can you supply? Arcade games, live musicians, magicians, photographers, video montage experts, etc.?
*What is your fee and what does it include (including number of people they will bring, how many hours they will play, etc.)? Are there any other fees for parking travel expenses, etc.?
*Are we expected to tip everyone you bring? How much?
*Are you insured?
*Am I expected to feed the crew? (If so, ask your venue or caterer to supply sandwiches for a pre-set price so there are no last minute surprises when they charge you for a full price meal for each person.)
*What is your cancellation policy?

Questions To Ask A Caterer

*How many events will you be doing at the same time as mine?
*Who is my point person to work out details beforehand? Who will be at my event making sure everything we discuss happens?
*How many Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations have you done before?
*What will the guest/staff ratio be?
*What is the kids’ price? And what age is considered kids vs. young adults who don’t drink?
*(If they are coming into an outside venue) Do you supply all the serving pieces, place settings, etc.? What do you need the venue to supply? Working kitchen, etc.?
*Is there flexibility with your menus? Is there a tasting session before we choose the final menu?
*Are there beverage packages (open bar vs. a set bar menu)?
*Do you have experience dealing with food allergies?
*Will you offer vegetarian, vegan or other options?

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