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Give Advice To Other Bar Mitzvah Planning Parents

Give Advice To Other Bar Mitzvah Planning Parents

Share your helpful advice about Bar and Bat Mitzvah planning and have it published in our annual Mitzvah Market Magazine!

Are you a Mom or Dad who have planned a Bar or Bat Mitzvah for your child? Do you have great “What I wish I had known” tips to share with other families about the Bar or Bat Mitzvah experience?

Tell us about the one thing you wished you had done differently in planning your celebration or the one idea that really worked well? What was so worth spending extra money on? Or conversely, what was a waste of money? What questions did you wish you had asked in advance of your photographer, venue, party planner or others? Should you have shopped earlier for outfits? Did it really matter if your tablecloths matched the invitations? Did the kids love your giveaways or do you wish you had thought of something different? If you could do it again, what would you do differently?

In other words, what do you wish someone had told you during your own planning process?

Please send your advice and one hi-res photo from your child’s celebration to [email protected]. It will get published in the next edition of Mitzvah Market Magazine, November 2017.

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Thanks for sharing!

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