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10 Things Only Bar Bat Mitzvah Parents Can Understand

10 Things Only Bar Bat Mitzvah Parents Can Understand

Planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah for your child changes your life. Once you go through the planning process, you will become an expert!

After your celebration, you can give words of wisdom to others that only a Bar or Bat Mitzvah parent can understand.

We asked those who have celebrated this milestone event for their child to reflect on practical, silly and funny things that only this unique group can relate to!


  1. Your son or daughter will actually learn their Torah portion and make you proud!
  2. After your montage is done, you will lose sleep worrying if you left a particular family member out. But this montage will make you cry each time you watch!
  3. You will need slippers or something flat on your feet for the car ride home.
  4. There will be lots of No RSVPs – some you can predict and others will shock you.
  5. There will be some people who never send a gift or even RSVP!
  6. You will forget to eat the entire night and 5 hours will feel like 5 minutes.
  7. You might spend more money than you budgeted, but it will be on something special you had to have!
  8. There will probably be one guest (or a few) that will drink too much that everyone will be talking about.
  9. Don’t stress over the things that go wrong, you are the only one who knows they were supposed to happen.
  10. It WILL be one of the best weekends you spend with your family!

    If you have celebrated your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah and are interested in sharing your ideas and experience with our readers in the form of a Mitzvah Family Spotlight story, please click here
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