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6 Tips for Writing Bar / Bat Mitzvah Thank You Notes

6 Tips for Writing Bar / Bat Mitzvah Thank You Notes

6 Tips for Writing Bar / Bat Mitzvah Thank You Notes


So, you’ve finally made it to the end of your teen’s bar or bat mitzvah weekend. After months, if not years, of planning and executing every exact detail, the whirlwind of a weekend passes by in the blink of an eye. Suddenly, after tireless hours of preparation, you have a moment of calm for the first time in a long time. What do you do now? 

Though often seen as a tedious task, the execution of thank you notes at the end of a mitzvah weekend is an important step in making your guests feel appreciated and valued. Traditionally, thank you notes are handwritten and mailed to each person who sent a gift, but electronic thank you notes are gaining popularity as a quicker and more accessible way to show gratitude.

Below are some tips and tricks to make your thank you note writing experience easier and more seamless.

  • Address it properly. If the gift was sent from someone the teen does not have a strong relationship with, they can write “Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms.”. If the gift was from a close friend or family member, they can refer to them by their first name.
  • Be specific. For specific gifts, refer to the object descriptively. For example, “Thank you so much for the beautiful Star of David necklace”. For monetary gifts, such as cash, a check, or a donation in one’s name, it is appropriate to write “Thank you for your generous gift/donation”.
  • Keep it short and sweet. Thank you notes do not need to be more than a few sentences long. By sticking to a formula and keeping things brief, your teen will get the message across without exhausting themselves!
  • Stamp your signature. A good pre-mitzvah purchase might be a stamp with your teen’s signature that can be used at the end of the thank you note. Though it may seem like a small part of the note-writing process, being able to quickly place a signature will add up over time across dozens, if not hundreds of notes.
  • Take breaks. Though it can be tempting to get all of the thank you notes done as quickly as possible, it’s important that your teen gives themselves breaks throughout the process. Breaking it up over the course of a few days or weeks will ensure that their language stays fresh and their handwriting clean.
  • Make it fun. Writing piles of thank you notes is no easy task, and your teen deserves to be rewarded. Keep their favorite TV show or music playing in the background to keep them motivated. Prepare their favorite snack or take them to a nice dinner once they’ve completed their notes to show them that their hard work pays off!
  • Go with the flow. If you or your teen is having a hard time knowing what to say in their thank you notes, follow the flow chart that we at Mitzvah Market have put together! By sticking to this formula, your teen is sure to get the perfect chart every single time.


By Vered Ornstein

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