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A Package From Home

When Ariel Freedman visited Israel last February, she was struck by the amount of soldiers she saw there and how safe they made her feel. She decided to begin her Mitzvah Project by raising money for the organization A Package From Home.

A Package from Home is an organization that sends packages to combat soldiers in Israel who don’t have family in Israel or who are seriously injured and need long-term care. Funds raised through A Package from Home buys items the soldiers need like jackets, socks, underwear, toiletries, snacks and more. All items are purchased in Israel, which helps boost the Israeli economy.

What makes these packages so special is that each one is accompanied by a handwritten letter.  Ariel explains, “The goal of the letter is to strengthen their spirit, and to show him or her how much we appreciate the sacrifices he or she is making in securing the safety and survival of Israel. “

Ariel’s cantor was struck by her commitment to this project and made the letter writing part of the religious school’s curriculum. Ariel went around to each classroom explaining her project, collected all the letters and will send them over with the money she has raised.  Her goal is to raise at least $1,000. To raise funds, she is making candy torahs (pictured below) and selling them. When she reached her goal of $1,000 she will be able to “adopt a unit,” which means that every soldier in a specific unit will receive a care package. Ariel is very close to her goal!

A Package From Home pix 2

Ariel wrapped Smartie like candies
to look like torahs.
She is selling them as a fundraiser.

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