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  2. Save-the-Date/Invitations/Thank Yous
  3. Music Entertainment/MC
  4. Photographer
  5. Videographer/Montage
  6. Favors (both kids and adults)
  7. Extra Party entertainment (ie photo booth, magician etc)
  8. Cake/Candle Lighting
  9. Decor/florist
  10. Sign-In board
  11. Party Planner (if any)
  12. Any additional special touches
  13. Dresses for family members
  14. Suits for family members
  15. Hair/makeup
  16. Transportation
  17. Party security
  18. Mitzvah Project organization
  19. Anything else we should know

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  4. The Mitzvah child with or without siblings
  5. The invitation and/or Save-The-Date
  6. The favors (for kids and adults)
  7. The DJ interacting with guests
  8. The Mitzvah child entering the room
  9. The candle Lighting
  10. The cake
  11. The decor, centerpieces, room signs etc
  12. The photo booth or other child entertainment
  13. Any other special touches you might have had
  14. Any photos from the Mitzvah Project

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