The Latest In Bar Bat Mitzvah Entertainment From EJ The DJ


EJ The DJ utilizes its worldwide resources to customize entertainment for your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah celebration. Their staff is always on the lookout for what’s hot and about to hit. They always know the next “big thing” in the world of entertainment and are ready to incorporate it into your event. And, because EJ The DJ owns most of its own equipment, they are able to provide clients cutting-edge entertainment innovations at a reasonable cost.

Speaking of the next Big Thing…




It’s the latest in Bar Bat Mitzvah entertainment! Kids (of all ages, yes adults too), wear cool headphones and dance to their favorite tunes. They call it ‘Silent Clubbing’ because the party isn’t filled with loud music, but young guests are anything but silent about enjoying this new way of “clubbing” with their friends.


bar bat mitzvah entertainment

Guests wear state-of-the-art headphones

bar bat mitzvah entertainment

Headphones glow in the dark creating a nightclub effect

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