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The Latest In Bar Bat Mitzvah Photo Booth Fun

The Latest In Bar Bat Mitzvah Photo Booth Fun



Simon Elliot Events is a New York based event production company that specializes in state of the art digital media for Bar Bat Mitzvah celebrations. The Simon Elliot creative team is dedicated to providing innovative services and productions that inspire. They live outside the box and welcome you to explore our constantly evolving service offering.

Check out their various photo booth options:



With the Superstar Photo Booth, no two booths ever look the same. It is a completely customized photo booth experience, designed to fit up to 12 adults comfortably and is completely wrapped in custom graphics from head to toe. Single or multi photo layouts are available. We have even added a fully branded sharing table so guests can text, email and link their photos to social media sites.



Look 20 years younger again…or just look flawless! Our proprietary software automatically smooths complexions and reduces imperfections for a magazine ready image. Have your guests stand in front of a fully custom wrapped kiosk equipped with a preview screen so they can see how they look. Booth is equipped with one high speed printer. Photos will be displayed in postcard rack.



The best “social media” photo booth. Guests begin on the camera side of the kiosk where either they, or our attendant, can tap the screen to begin. The kiosk provides them with a live video feed of their movements, just like your cell phone. Three photos are taken, and turned into an animated GIF (mini video) which can immediately be texted or emailed. Then the guests flip to the other side of the kiosk where they are met with a vertical touch screen presenting thumbnails of all of their images. From there, guests select their individual photos and can text, email, post to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and best of all, print as many copies as they would like. The kiosk is double sided, that means two groups can use the booth at the same time, which translates to less lines, more photos, and a packed dance floor!



Not sure you have room for a photo booth? Are you looking for zero wait time? The socialite photo booth is for you! This booth doesn’t take up much space and is available with a custom backdrop or on green screen. Unlike traditional green screen, your guests will see an instant preview on their chosen background. The socialite booth automatically prints out your photos in under 5 seconds so there will be no long lines to deal with.

Learn more about Simon Elliot Events here.

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