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“Slo Mo” Booth From EK Productions

EK Productions is a professional group of entertainers founded in 1986. Their company has grown from a successful DJ operation to a full scale event planning unit, specializing in videos, dancers, automated lighting and special effects, games, percussionists, MC’s and other exciting entertainment for Bar Bat Mitzvah celebrations.

They are a boutique entertainment company only engaging in 3 to 4 events a weekend. They pride themselves on having the most unique and elaborate entertainment set-ups in the industry. They only use the best sound and lighting and they also event plan for their clients at no extra charge.

EK Productions is also a theatrical company, from their costumed openings to their elaborate stage designs, they can take your guests on a ride. They customize every event and pay attention to the smallest details. All of their production is done in-house and never farmed out. That’s how E.K. Production can make your event different.

NEW! EK Productions Offers A “Slo Mo” Booth!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Your guests have fun with props in front of high speed cameras that create a custom and fun video in Slow Motion.

 EK Productions Slow Mo Photo Booth

 The videos are displayed on a large screen for all to see

Step 2: Each guest can received 4″ x 6″ color prints with the Bar Bat Mitzvah logo for great memories.

EK Productions: Slow Mo

 Prints with Bar Bat Mitzvah logo

EK Productions Slo Mo Booth

 Check out the Slo Mo Booth here!

Step 3: Video can be emailed to all of your guests on the spot!


To learn more, visit their extended profile page in our Vendor Directory.

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