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Lighter Than Air For All Your Decor Needs

Lighter Than Air is a party decorating company that has been servicing clients throughout Long Island and the Metropolitan areas, as well as nationwide, for over 25 years.

Their services include: Sign in Books, Sign in Boards, Balloons, Photo Blowups, Themed Centerpieces, Break Thru Walls, Card Table Displays, Coming Attraction Signs, Life Size Stand-ups, Place Cards, Invitations, Puzzle Boards, Step & Repeat Backdrops, Superimpose Posters, Club Style/Lounge, Marquis Signs and much more!

See some of their samples below:

Lighter Than Air Lamps
Lamp centerpieces

Lighter Than Air Break Thru Walls

Break Thru Walls

Lighter Than Air Superimpose boards
Superimpose boards

Lighter Than Air place cards

Place cards and displays

Lighter Than Air Marquis Boards
Marquis boards

For more information, visit their extended profile page in our Vendor Directory.

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