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United Way of Westchester and Putnam

Address: 336 Central Park Avenue

White Plains, NY 10606 

Phone: 914-997-6700

Website: www.uwwp.org

About United Way of Westchester and Putnam:

United Way’s mission is to advance the common good. With your help, we can create opportunities for a better life by focusing on: a quality education that leads to a better job, which provides the income that can support a family through retirement; and good health. Everything we do supports these building blocks for a better life – and that affects all of us.

We invite you to be part of the change through giving, advocating and volunteering. Be part of improving the education, income and health of people in our community. Because...United we stand. United, we elevate. United, we can change what we see in our world.

Together We are Stronger
United Way has a unique model of bringing volunteers, nonprofits, advocates,elected officials, and businesses together to evaluate and solve pressing issues in our shared community. In addition, everyone's contribution, no matter how much is donated, is leveraged with hundreds of other donations for maximum results.

Creative Solutions
Innovative ideas and solutions to complex issues can only become a reality by working with diverse groups of partners & community leaders. Volunteers and advocates are on the front lines and guide funding to where it can be most effective.

Investing Smartly
United Way works with partners to produce shared concrete results.For example, United Way doesn't just want a child to receive tutoring; we want to see their test scores go up. United Way works towards short and long term goals so your investment gets people help today, while working towards long-lasting improvements.

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